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New:A fan... fic??


Hee hee, okay you can blame me for not updating, but I have like 5 different web sites and I'm trying to pass my college exam tests and my AP tests!!
Also because I'm waiting for google and dmoz to put up the damn site, I don't understand why they won't...?? Its been like months and months...
Yeah I can't believe you people actually visit here! I never update!! WAHAHAAA, thats not funny, Darkness Angel had actually been nice enough to send me a fanfic, kudos to her!!


Its not like I've not been updating, I've been adding things here and there every so often. Adoption is new, I have a few more images. (I swear, when I get a video capture card I'll make the screenshots MYSELF and not have to use them from other sites, but they cost like $300 and I need the money to pay for tests -_-!!)


Hi!! This is a Majin Buu shrine, I made it because I couldn't find any other ones... well... I found one but its under construction and it wasn't updated in years.

This site is starting out small, I'll add more things as I go and hopefully it'll be at least surviveable...