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Majin Buu was created a long long time ago by a wizard named Bibidi. They went around and destroyed planets. Majin Buu absorbed three Kaioshins, the third one he absorbed was a really fat and nice Kaioshin. When Majin Buu absorbed him he gained weight and became somewhat nicer. Then the other Kaio-shin sealed Majin Buu inside an egg or something and he stayed in there asleep for a very long time.

Babidi, Bibidi's son awakened Majin Buu from inside the egg to destroy the Z Senshi. Majin Buu acts kind of like a baby for awhile. None of the Z fighters can defeat Majin Buu. Vegeta who is Majin, see's that he is really good and self destructs himself to kill Buu but fails.

Majin Buu fights Goku who turns Super Saiyan 3, Goku says that in two days a great warrior will imerge. Majin Buu wants to fight the great warrior. Goku says he has to wait for two days then he teleports away. Majin Buu gets tired of Babidi bossing him around and turns around and punches Babidi in the head and it explodes.

Majin Buu flies around trying to entertain himself while he waits for the great warrior.

Goku teaches Goten and Trunks how to fuse, then he leaves for the other world because his time is up. Majin Buu turns hundreds of people into a white substance, he uses this substance to build himself a house. When he does he tours you through his house, even the bathroom!!

Privacy please!!~Majin Buu

Hercules, supposedly the world's strongest man goes to Majin Buu's house with a bag full of secret weapons. Majin Buu comes out and greets him. Hercule gives Majin Buu a video game which explodes in his face. (He was losing at it anyway...)

Then he gives him a box of poison chocolates. Majin Buu eats it and says its good. He gives Hercules some of his 'people' candy. (He spits it out while Buu isn't looking).

Later Majin Buu finds an injured puppy and heals it. They play together and he names the puppy Bee. (Aaaw Bee... visit my 'mirror' website if you want... Bee)

Then a creepy man shoots the puppy or something (I didn't see this show) and shoots Hercules. Majin Buu heals them. Hercule convinced him to never kill again, all the bad comes out of Majin Buu's body from the pores and forms a grey... a grey... THING!!!

The evil Majin Buu and the good Buu fight and the good one loses. The evil Majin Buu turns the good Buu into chocolate and eats him. Thus he turns into a pink, muscly, evil monster.

When he is in this form he is very impatient, he senses a high power and flies over to Kami's lookout and demands the fighter. Piccollo says its only been one day and that the fighter is taking a nap and why doesn't he go out and kill people for amusement.

Majin Buu slowly walks around the lookout. Chichi tries to hit Majin Buu with a broom but Piccollo blasts it with a beam. Majin Buu looks at her then keeps walking. He then goes to the middle and performs an attack that kills all the humans on the planet. It is called 'The human extinction attack'.

Human extinction attack how do you like it??~Majin Buu

Piccollo gets mad and is planning to wish them all back with the dragon balls later. He says that the fighter needs time to get ready.

Majin Buu gets mad but is talked into waiting for one hour.

Whats an hour?? How long is it??~Majin Buu

Krillan takes Goten and Trunks into the hyperbolic time chamber to train while Majin Buu waits. Chichi goes up to Majin Buu and slaps him across the face and scolds him. Buu turns her into an egg and steps on it.

After 30 minutes Majin Buu gets impatient and demands to be taken to the fighter. Piccollo says that its only been 30 minutes but Majin Buu shakes his finger and says he's done waiting.

Piccollo comes up with a plan and takes Majin Buu all over the lookout. Up the stairs, through the halls and even back outside.

Go down?? After we've just gone up?!!~Majin Buu

He gets impatient again and breaks the hall ways with his energy. Piccollo talks to Goten and Trunks telepathically and says Majin Buu will be there in 1 minute but to them it'll be six hours so that they have time to eat and rest.

When they reach there Goten and Trunks do a cool pose and says its the end for Majin Buu. They are about to do the fusion but Majin Buu punches Trunks in the face. Trunks yells and complains at Buu and tells him that they're trying to give him a fair fight and that he needs to have more PATIENCE, STAND there, BE quiet while they do the fusion.

And theeen...

They fight for a long time. Gotenks has a LOT of cute attacks!! An energy rings that almost cuts Buu in half, a ghost attack that makes Majin Buu melt.

Aww this is the cutest thing I've ever seen I have to share it... Gotenks and the ghosts have a plan. When they're done Gotenks sees Majin Buu laying on the ground, reading a book and drinking a fancy soda. Gotenks yells at him to get up and fight. Majin Buu says why should he. The ghosts fly at him, he gets up and gets into a fighter's stance, suddenly the ghosts all go to a different spot and crowd around something, they say...

Ghost 1- Hey what is that!! (points)
Ghost 2- I don't know...
Ghost 3- Sure looks tasty...
Ghost 4- And chewy...
Ghost 2- Is it a cookie??
All- *Yum!* *Ooh!!* *Yummy!!* *Etc*

Majin Buu is curious and walks over there all shlumpy like and looks over the ghosts.

Ghost- Hey there wanna bite there buddy??

Majin Buu stretches his neck to see then they all fly at him and hug him around the neck and they all explode. He turns into a melted fish thing. The last ghost flies into his mouth and he explodes.

At first Piccollo and Gotenks think they did it and burn all Buu's mess so that it doesn't regenerate but the smoke forms into his body. He's really mad.

Piccollo thinks OH NO while Gotenks secretly thinks to himself that he still has his secret weapon. He bluffs OH NO I CAN'T BEAT HIM so Piccollo destroys the gate so that none of them can leave. Piccollo says that if Majin Buu kills them then he'll be alone and have no one to talk to.

Gotenks goes crazy and yells at Piccollo because he still has his secret weapon. Piccollo says WHAT.

Meanwhile Majin Buu is walking around saying "candy candy I want candy" then he throws a tantrum and screams out I WANT CANDY. He breaks a hole in the wall in the hyperbolic time chamber.

He's surprized at the door he made and has a very cute look of surprise on his face.

Hmph... I knew I'd get my candy!!~Majin Buu

Then he flies out leaving Piccollo and Gotenks behind. Krillan attacks him and he turns Krillan into candy. The rest try to run away and Majin Buu turns them all into candy.

Meanwhile Piccollo and Gotenks are still in the hyperbolic time chamber screaming and screaming trying to make a hole in the wall but they can't. So Gotenks goes super saiyan three and screams REALLY loud and makes a hole. They escape only to find Majin Buu sitting in a pile of rubble eating candy. He turns around all twisty like with chocolate on his face. HUH??

Gotenks gets mad and they start fighting again. Majin Buu turns into a ball and Gotenks wraps him up in a volley ball attack thing. He hits it to the ground.

They fight some more, Gotenks three is evenly matched with Majin Buu but he goes back to the first stage. Majin Buu hits him and they come apart back to Goten and Trunks. Piccollo plans to fight Majin Buu even though he knows he can't win, Goten says why don't they run away, but Trunks says that won't work. Then they have a plan to apologize then give him lots of candy, Goten goes to get candy but realizes theres no more candy stores left on Earth.

Majin Buu squats down to go to sleep. Goten and Trunks run over to check him out ignoring Piccollo's warning. Goten's plan is to grab his 'horn' but Trunks says its not a horn, its soft. Then suddenly Mystical Gohan comes. Majin Buu wakes up and then they fight. Mystical Gohan is too strong for him and beats him up really badly. Majin Buu self destructs.

The good guys find Dende (Mr.Popo threw him to safety) Then Majin Buu comes back, he only bluffed his self destruct. He has a plan to absorb Piccollo and Gotenks. He eggs Goten and Trunks to fuse and fight him. They do so and he absorbs him along with Piccollo.

He is now super Buu and beats up Gohan badly. Then Goku comes (Elder Kai gave up his life so that Goku can live) with a set of fusion earrings, he gives them to Gohan but Majin Buu absorbs Gohan and becomes even stronger. (He gets different clothes)

And theeen... Majin Buu gives Goku to the count of five to fuse with someone but all there is is Dende and Hercule, he can't use Dende because they need the dragon balls. He's about to give the earring to Hercule but all of a sudden Vegeta comes. (King Yama grants him life to safe the Earth)

Goku pleads Vegeta to fuse with him but Vegeta refuses. After Majin Buu smacks them around a little bit Vegeta finally puts on the other earring (With difficulty might I add) then they become VEGITO!!!

Vegito then fights Majin Buu for a very long time because he is toying with him. They do all sorts of weird things like Vegito swings him around by his 'horn'. Majin Buu uses his ghosts. Vegito squishes him into pulp a lot. Majin Buu goes into his mouth and makes Vegito fat. Vegito pukes him out. Majin Buu does a universe destroying attack but it fails. Vegito puts a lazor through Majin Buu and lifts him up while he's upside down and in pain. Vegito rips off his 'horn'. Majin Buu tells him to give it back. Vegito tosses it at him. Majin Buu is about to grab it. Vegito blasts it into smitherines. Majin Buu throws a tantrum and is about to cry. Majin Buu wraps around him like a rope. Vegito makes him fall into the ocean and Majin Buu is floating there thinking about stuff. Then finally Majin Buu finally turns him into candy... A COFFEE FLAVORED CHOCOLATE TAFFY!!!

Majin Buu starts dancing in the air because he's so happy. But the candy can still talk and fight and beats Majin Buu up. (Yes the candy actually beats him up...) And even goes into Buu's mouth and rips out from the other side.

Majin Buu turns the candy back into Vegito and this time he gets absorbed on purpose. While inside, Vegeta and Goku have many adventures, like talking to some parasitic worms in his intestines. About to be part of Majin Buu's 'excresions' (Is that how you spell it??) And finally find their friends tied up in pods.

They free them and Majin Buu turns back into normal Buu (The muscly one with no nose).

Buu goes into his own head and plays around with them. Vegeta finally threatens to yank Fat Buu out of the pod. Majin Buu says...

"No!! If you do then I won't be me anymore!!!"

"You won't be.... you... anymore??"~Goku

Vegeta yanks at Fat Buu and Majin Buu melts. On the outside he is screaming in pain.

Vegeta and Goku frees everybody and Majin Buu turns back into Kid Buu (SQUEEAAL!!)

Kid Buu is all powerful and destroys the Earth, but the good guys make it to the 'other world'.

Kid Buu follows the good guys. The good Buu fights him to draw time for Goku's spirit bomb. Vegeta fights him to draw time for Goku's spirit bomb. Hercule tells everybody on Earth to raise their hands for Goku's spirit bomb.

17 IS THERE 17 IS THERE!!! OH 17 YOUR STILL ALIVE!! WHEEEEE!!! (Gurgles on about 17 for 17 minutes)

And then Goku's spirit bomb kills Majin Buu.


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