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Here you will find plenty of places you can go to. I've divided it up into three sections. There are DBZ sites, then theres random sites that people like you made, then there are cool sites that are worth visiting. If you have a site and you want me to link to you please email me so I can check it out, you can be nice and link to me too!! Have fun!!

Dragon Ball/ Z/GT

Ssj4kain's Homepage I have used some of the pictures from this site. All credit!!

Majin Buu shrine (Turlis777)
I think this is the first Majin Buu site, it's worth a visit.

Cool sites worth visiting.
A site where you can get your moody!!
The perfect place to put your fanfiction (duh)

An art community where you can show your art and review other people's.

A place where you can read jokes, take tests make puzzles etc.

Anime Turnpike
This is the one stop you NEED to make if you like Anime.

If you don't have a blog, come here to get one, its fast, easy, and FREE!! (Hell I sound like a sales person...)Please tell me if you get a blog so I can see it too, pleeease??

Non-DB/Z/GT sites (Blogs, fansites etc)

A Beelzemon site, my first attempt at making a web site.

My life is hell.

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