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Majin Buu Images

Here are a collection of Majin Buu pictures from all over the internet (I've spent hours and hours hunting them down for you!!) They are here for your own personal enjoyment, print them out, stick them on your wall etc. But if you feel that you want to take some to use on your own site you must get the permission of where the images originally came from.

The images with the International Channel logo are from Turlis 777's site. You can go to the 'links' section to find his site, ask for his permission first. The images where Buu looks kind of yellow or grainy are from another site, all credit goes to it. Its address is in the link section. I have spent time on each image spiffing it up and converting the colors so that it is easier to see. If you feel you want to upload the images on your site please give me and the original site credit, link to me, email me so I can link to you!!
Majin Buu Images (They are in no particular order)
Muscly Buu Kid Buu making faces
Super BuuSuper Buu's whole body
The three basic BuusSuper Buu crossing arms
Smiling GRAB CANDY!!!
Super Buu looking happy Buu changed his face to a super star
Fighter's Stance SB says Eat this
Kid Buu looking cute SB's lower torser missing
Kid Buu smiling evily SB smiling confidently
Buu's Genocide attack Buu screaming because theres no candy
Look down I'm not wearing any pants Majin Buu collage
Look at my abs That.. that... THING!!
Buu happy Buu angry
Buu tired What happens when Buu hits Gotenks hard
Buu Sprite Buu Insane
Curious Kid Buu SB ready for action
Kid Buu with energy ball Buu's looking away
Super Ghost Kamikaze attack Litte KB smile
Bleached teeth Special Beam Cannon Fire
Screaming Grrr...
Super Buu growling I GET U!!
I told you not to make me mad BOO!!
He's so skinny What he looked like before Fat Kai??
Piccolo's cape so itchy I told you not to make me mad
Privacy please!! OMIGOD
Someone made the background, Very purty Kid Buu tilting head
Fat Buu cute Look here
Gotenks, Buu and Gohan Cute lil' ghost
Opening mouth Cramp
Ubuu Video Tape Cover (Buu chop ghost)
Good Buu versus that.. that THING Blowing up
Buu melted Sighing
Video Tape: Choke Gohan Majin Buu watches the poof
Video Tape: Kid Buu points rudely Buu watches with interest
Hey there wanna bite there buddy?? Majin Buu is a fish
Majin Buu drinking a drink Buu in the clouds
The dog is licking me Buu's trade mark smile
An evil smile Buu looking uncertain
I'm here No I'm here
I'm under you No I'm above you!!
You FOOL!! Take this!! Wahahahaaa!!
YOU CANNOT STOP IT!! heeee....
Look of surprise Thats okay *smiles*
Pull yourself together Squinty smile
Two fingers And a fist
A shiny energy ball SB is pointing the wrong way
Who's number 2 working for?!! SB fly there quick!!
The camera loves you Buu!! SB's legs do some work
Super Buu laughing SB's eye
Dude check out my muscles POOF!! Oh no Piccolo!!
Evil Piccolo Buu Super Buu wearing Gohan's shirt
Super Buu with Gohan's shirt glowing Give me back your shirt!!
Pretty energy ball Ubuu pain
Buu's alligator mouth A look of pleasure
Super Buu with Gotenk's shirt Cracking knuckles and smiling
Ubuu can't fly

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