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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all I've come up with these 'why' questions about the decisions I've made on this site, just incase you were wondering. But if you have a different question then feel free to email me.

Why make a site dedicated to Majin Buu??
Because he's poor.

Why Okashi?
Okashi in Japanese means any kind of sweet snack, cookies, cakes, chips, pies, junk food and yes, candy. This is what Majin Buu loves most. I've come across the word okashi in Japanese class and thought better that I'd use it.

Why pink?
Majin Buu is pink, therefore the site is pink. It does not mean that it is a girl site. (Well maybe it its...) But besides that everything is eye candy (pun not intended). If I had tried an all white site with pink/purple links then it would strain the eyes. If I had used black (like my other site) then it would be somewhat depressing. I don't want to be depressed!!

Why use this song?
Because Chocobo's are madly running around the place.

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