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HELP!! Please send fanart!! My email is
Please insert the picture directly INTO the email screen, do not send it as an attachment!! On MSN, push the button 'Insert Pictures'
On AOL, have the email window out first, go to file, open (get picture) then it should open, push 'Insert into email screen."
I wouldn't say I draw good, but I try. You should take a look at the other artist's work, they are REALLY good.

Karaoke Majin Buu (he isn't enjoying himself) And I made him look scrawny in this picture, the only thing I like in this picture is the penguin. This is the first time I tried to draw Super Buu, I did it for Majin Buu fans... ^ ^;; I'm satisfied on how this came out, all of my friends said he looked horny, thus it is Horny Majin Buu. Android 17 Ice skating.  I didn't do that good on him either... This is wut Buu looks like when he absorbs Chao, (from my fanfic)Chao is so luvable, he's so innocent. This picture started out as me and my friend Lee (He tried to cook me something) But I got carried away and drew Majin Buu in his place, therefore, she is a character I named Yuki.

He's such a cool artist!! These are sooo good... I got permission to use them, thank you Ryuujin your so cool!!

Kid Buu is so cool Fat Buu, Kid Buu and Super Buu

Majin Buu with a green energy ball above his hand, very cool.

He is what you call kawaii!! I really love this picture, especially Buu's expression Buu gets burned by a dragon, *poof*


I love Manji's style of drawing.

Poor Buu *cracks up laughing* I luv dis* Buu tied up with ropes!!
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