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Asian Pride

Okay now before you get any wrong ideas, understand this first... saying Asian Pride is not hating or anything, its just saying that I'm Asian and proud of it. This page will give more information about your web mistress.



Location:Seattle, Washington



Eyes:Dark green

Hair: Long, straight, dark brown with little bit of natural blond and red.




Colors:Blue & Silver


Music:A little bit of everything but mostly Asian pop, Dance and Techno(Go ahead beat me up)


TV Show:I haven't watched tv for 9 months -_-

Favorite Animal:White wolf

Subject:Art (but I hate art class)


Likes and Dislikes


Food, sleeping, dreaming, fantasizing, writing, drawing, internet, video games, biking, roller blading, talking to friends, music, animals, snuggling to anything warm and soft like blankets, pillows, cats, toys, sofas, car seat, reading books I like, collecting stuff, sleep, school supplies (don't ask me why, I hate school..) winter hats, anything sharp, rings, feathers, dragons, rain, and fire.


Mean people, people trying to look perfect, peppers, onions, preppy people, bathroom drawers, loud things, school, reading books I hate, coffee, tea, most sodas, basicly anything chock full of caffeine, drugs, alcohol(if I do ever drink it, never to an excess.) getting high,slow people(I hate anything slow that blocks your path..) slow computers, history, math, people trying to get overly fashioned, sex hungry males, the smell off of dirty money and when it gets on your hands, deep dark water (I can swim but I hate it if you can't see how deep something is like in a lake.) getting bored, clowns, circus' (circus' are evil) coloring, popular things, main good guy characters, hyper people, really really hot or humidity,liars, plagerism, and last but not least, eggs.

Additional Info

I am considered weird because I'm not afraid of things that most people are terrified of... example

I'm not afraid of snakes, I think they're sooo cool. They are not wet and slimy, they are dry, smooth and sometimes even warm.

I hate school and I no longer have straight A's.

Why do I have fangs?? Its bad because I'm always biting my tongue when I'm sleeping and get blood all over my pillow.

I loooooove...

I really love Korean music!! Especially Hot, Baby Vox, Shinhwa and Drunken Tiger!!

I looove Korean food!!! Most of it anyway. I'm always eating Korean Okashi, Choco pie, Strawberry Soy drink, Yogurt Softdrink, ramyen (Not that nasty Cup o noodle) Shrimp flavored snack, melon ice-cream, potato snack, POCKY, Wondoomill Tea, rice candy (You can eat the wrappings!!)

duc (rice cake)Choco snack, choco gum, Kola gum, Sweet rice Duc, GEGANJYONG!!!! (kinda like rice crispies marshmallow but its different and waaay better)

Even though its not Okashi, I looooove rice. RICE RICE RICE, 50% of my diet is rice!!

Many guys complain that us Korean girls have no waist, WELL I'M GLAD I DON'T HAVE A MASSIVE BUTT!! THATS GROSS AND I'M PROUD OF THE WAY I AM!!

I loooove fish, ocean fish not freshwater fish. Fish is high in protein and makes you smart!! (points to stomach)

I understand some Korean but not very fluent with it, I am also studying Japanese, I think I know more Japanese than Korean (at the dismay of my mom). I want to go to Korea AND Japan and learn more about their customs and lives.


To my very special friends

Tyai you are sooo funny and know how to cheer anyone up. Even when I'm having a shitty day you always know what to say to make me happy. You are too strong for your own good, (Always showing off your one arm pushups) But you are one of the gentlest people I've ever known. You are fantastic with poetry and I think that you should take your talents and set a future goal.


Hey Diana, ther u c ahm typing lik dis jus lik u. Yu b lik my bestis frend, I kno u sins u wer lik wut... 2 yers old. An yur sista is ok too, stop pickin on hur shez cool too. Do me a faver an don go on anymur night rides, dos thingz er scary an yu can git in truble, ok??!!


Hyen you are so smart!! Whenever anyone needs help with homework (or even copy homework at that) you are always there for them!! And congratulations for being the bestest chess player in the whole school!! You gotta teach me how to play chess better I SUCK at it!!


You are sooo cool because you don't make me feel intimidated at all. You are the nicest, sweetest and most gentlest person in the world!!! You never ever, ever say anything mean and I like that!! Thanks for being my lab partner this past year, I had fun (kinda) Stay the same Lee, your too good to be true!!


I know I can't see you much anymore bcuz you moved but we will always stay friends!! Tina listen to me and stop worrying about your future so much!! Your going to do fine, your smart, talented and done a bizillion volunteer thingys and activites, Mom always yells at me for not being like you!! You need to relax a little, play that old Sega game system you keep in your attic it'll do you good. Cyaz!!


You smart ass, you do everything better than me!! And when you talk it sound like your in fast motion or you drank a truck load of latte. Lol but your still kool, your maybe even smarter than Hyen (please don't tell him I said that) Thanks for being such an awesome friend, you let me borrow everything thing you own, and for that you are the koolest of kool.


Sojeign I only have a couple things to say. You are a very gifted person and tell your brother to leave me alone I HATE HIM!!!


I wish I could do cheer leading like you (Or was it drill team??) And you still owe me a dollar!!! Please beat Joshua up for me, he threw a milk dud at me and it HURT!!! You have those sharp finger nails that can draw a lot of blood, and *compliment* yes you are evil!!


YOU ARE SO ANNOYING EVERYONE HATES YOU!!! ^_^!! But thats okay, your still part of us, but PLEASE stop complaining about everything it annoys the hell out of all of us. And you don't need to be so bratty, just bcuz the tennis ball hit you doesn't mean that we meant to do it. You are a very smart person and we all luv you, just please be less snotty.

Lee minwoo

I know I shouldn't say this but I will anyway. Any male visitors, you don't have to read it!!

This is Dongwan off of Shinwa, he is soooooo hot. I LOVE HIMMMM!!


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