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Majin Buu's Ten Commandments

I have made a ten commandments page for my other site so I will do the same here. You must follow them if you want Majin Buu to be your friend. Break any of them and you may enter the amazing world of pain. The description of the commandments will be at the bottom of the page.

Thou shalt not steal from Majin Buu
Use logic, Buu loves his okashi dearly, more than anything else in the universe. Lay a finger on his stuff and find out what happens.

Thou shalt be jealous of Majin Buu
If your jealous of him that will make him feel good, knowing that he is all powerful and you are not!!

Thou shalt respect Majin Buu
Respect Buu as you would respect your elders, he is indeed your better.

Thou shalt not take advantage of Majin Buu
If you ever run into the situation where Buu is confused and gullible, do not take advantage of him and use him to do your dirty work like robbing a bank, doing your laundry, doing your homework.

Thou shalt not lie to Majin Buu
Don't ever, ever, EVER lie to Majin Buu!! Its just plain evil and wrong!! If he finds out you will hurt his feelings!!

Thou shalt not make fun of Majin Buu
He's pink, he's ugly, he's mean, he's stupid, maybe even retarded but.... (the speaker of this sentence had just been turned to okashi)

Thou shalt not make Majin Buu angry
Majin Buu is very slow to anger, but once you irritate him, you have no chance of survival.

Thou shalt not make Majin Buu bored
If you found your way into Majin Buu's play time, try to entertain him for as long as possible, once he's bored your a heap of over cooked organic material.

Thou shalt not stop Majin Buu from killing
Okay, say that your finally his friend... Buu hates this guy and goes over to kill him just because. Do NOT get in Buu's way, you will get crushed the same way a knat would be crushed against a sledgehammer.

Thou shalt not eat Majin Buu's okashi
Why would you want to eat his 'people candy?!!' Thats just sick!! In fact, don't even eat okashi at all!! It rots your teeth, makes you overweight and increases your chance of getting a heart attack!!