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One hundred reasons to like Majin Buu

  1. His teeth are white
  2. His black eyes are appealing
  3. Fat Buu is cyuute
  4. He can pull pieces of his body off like Goooze
  5. Fat Buu acts like a kid
  6. Buu is the most unique of all the DBZ characters
  7. Since his teeth are white then that means he has good hygiene
  8. Buu has some good in him (Whenever he's not Kid Buu)
  9. WOAH Kid Buu is so cute!!
  10. Kid Buu is hella strong
  11. Super Buu is silly
  12. Normal Buu is serious
  13. Thin Buu is creepy
  14. Buu is like a little kid, he loves okashi
  15. Buu has abs
  16. But he doesn't have a six pack (GOOD!! I hate those things, YUCK!!)
  17. Buu's voice comes in a wide variety of sounds, from high pitched, to growling, to singing, to grunting like an animal
  18. Majin Buu's theme song is cool (Both of them)
  19. Buu is mysterious
  20. His tongue is long (Hey everybody wants a long tongue!! *llick*)
  21. He has many personalities
  22. Super Buu throws out tantrums like a little kid
  23. Normal Buu said "I WANT CANDY!!"
  24. Buu can turn things into food
  25. He helps keep the human race from over populating
  26. Buu likes puppies
  27. He's obedient
  28. Until he has enough and decides to blow your head off
  29. Buu is a great architect (He builds his own house)
  30. He said "Do you think I'm handsome??"
  31. All but the fat Buus are fit
  32. The Majin sign on his belt is cool
  33. His low stretched pants looks like they're about to fall off any second but they're cool too
  34. You can almost see his butt crack in one scene (thats not really a reason, its just funny)
  35. He can open his mouth really wide like an alligator
  36. And just like an alligator he's got sharp fangs
  37. He has no hair
  38. The parasitic worms in his intestines are cyuute
  39. His belt is just plain cool because its gold
  40. Buu said "I knew I'd get my candy!!"
  41. Its scary yet cool when he shrieks at sudden times
  42. He's too cute when he's surprised (how he pokes at the hole he made in the hyperbolic time chamber)
  43. His eyes are cool when they have white pupils
  44. He can fly
  45. He ripped his shirt off one time
  46. Sometimes he's psycho
  47. He's cool when he's mad
  48. He named his dog 'Bee' and Bee is a cool name because Beelzemon is cool too
  49. He's pink
  50. His eyes are cool when they have red pupils
  51. He can absorb people with his body
  52. Super Buu squished his face against a cake store window
  53. Super Buu is crazy because he took a hundred cars, put them in a pile, broke his head through a car roof then blew them all up
  54. He has eye lasers
  55. When he's happy and content Buu will back stroke through the air like he's swimming
  56. Sometimes he'll stay in the air upside down
  57. His 'horn' thing is cool
  58. Kid Buu's stomach looks so pokable
  59. Its cute when muscly Buu yawns
  60. He cracks his neck a lot (Umm.. does he actually have bones?!!)
  61. He's impatient (I hate the wait)
  62. He's so naive
  63. He ate some of the most annoying characters in DBZ history
  64. His Genocide attack was awesome
  65. He has a softness for Hercule (Mr. Satan) and Bee
  66. Buu can regenerate
  67. He's a bad guy
  68. He's a cool, unique, awesome, very lovable bad guy
  69. Majin Buu was created by a wizard
  70. He's bad at video games
  71. He's gullible
  72. Normal Buu looks innocent when he tries to think
  73. "Arrrgh!!! All you people do is talk!!" Is funny
  74. Buu hates talking
  75. Super Buu is cool when he has an orange shirt
  76. He is the most powerful villian in all of Dragon Ball Z
  77. Genocide is pretty
  78. Buu's tongue is blue
  79. He's hip hop bcuz his pants be baggy and loooow
  80. His arm braces are cool
  81. Super Buu dances in the air
  82. The WAY he eats
  83. He can't beat the coffee candy
  84. When normal Buu sleeps a bubble comes out of his nose *Cyuute*
  85. He snores loud
  86. He makes steam when he's mad
  87. Fat Buu sings
  88. He killed that son of man who shot Hercule and Bee
  89. Buu can blow people up by going into their mouth
  90. He's a messy eater (Buu gets chocolate all over his mouth)
  91. He's aggressive
  92. But he could be gentle when he wants to
  93. He has control over his body when he is normal or Super Buu
  94. He has no control when he is Fat or Kid Buu
  95. Kid Buu cannot talk
  96. Buu never gives up!!
  97. He is immortal
  98. When he laughs you can't help but laugh too
  99. He can use other people's attacks
  100. Majin Buu is overall just plain cool

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